Arthur Robinson House, 13-14 The Green, Billingham TS23 1EU
Telephone 01642 360225 • Fax 01642 356691

Virtual office services
Give your business all the advantages of an office without the cost. A business address can provide credibility and convenience, helping you to grow your business without the headache of outgoing overheads.

Working in collaboration with OH&H at Arthur Robinson House in the pleasant surroundings of Billingham Green, you will also be able to use the coffee room for meetings, network with other business owners and make the most of mentoring opportunities.

Mail Handling: £5 per month
The OH&H mail handling service provides an official correspondence address for your business so you can keep your business mail separate from your personal mail, which helps you create a more professional image.
This service gives you the use of the OH&H office address at Arthur Robinson House as your mailing address. Post will be stored for you to collect and packages will be signed for.

Full Virtual Office: £30 per month
Taking advantage of the full virtual office at OH&H will give you the mail handling detailed above plus a telephone answering service with message forwarding so you can concentrate on running your business without worrying about missing calls from customers.

Messages will be sent to you by email or if urgent, we can contact you direct on an alternative number.

For details of other services such as post forwarding and diary handling, please call 01642 360225 or email for more information.